Our Story

1210 Studio is a brand that redefines the relationship between art and craftsmanship.  Owners Shawn and Brian are energized by chasing dreams and allowing those dreams to redefine them.  They see craftsmanship as art, art as craftsmanship, and incorporate that vision into every piece created by 1210 Studio. 


2013: Crossing the finish line was the beginning, not the end for Shawn after fulfilling a lifelong goal of competing in an Ironman race.  Completing this challenge sparked the chase toward a vision, leading Shawn down a path of life and woodworking opportunities. 


2016: A life changing day came for Brian, now 14 years into ownership of a custom cabinetry business.  This experience opened his mind to change the path, seek a partner, dig his heels into the dirt and build a business to the next level.


2018: Brian and Shawn meet, a partnership is born, and the pen hits the paper for the first page of the 1210 Studio story.


Art. Craftsmanship. Redefined.